Beginners Lessons Registration Form
This form needs to be entered on-line to allow the registration with us and the ski school. Do not print this form out. Use one form per child.
The beginners lessons are run by the Glenshee Ski School from Gulabin Lodge. The Blairgowrie Snowsports club subsidises the lessons, to allow youngsters to enjoy snow sports and hopefully progress into snow sport when they get older. (Some of our 'ex' youngsters are now instructors)
The ski school is the contact and should be informed of any changes. If you are not sure if the lessons are on, contact the Ski school as they are the only source that would be able to inform you.

Enter all details on this form truthfully, if you are not sure please contact us or contact the ski school and we will try to help you with it. Children will be put together in a group of equal ability, when they progress they might be placed in another group if that should fit better.
Name of child: *
Age of child *
Parent /Guardian name & Contact Number: *
Please provide us with a mobile number to contact you in case there is a problem with your child during the lesson.
What is your child's ability *
Please indicate what ability your child is at, use 2 options if they are in between. Please be honest, your instructor will be able to improve them better if they are at the right level group.
Which day would you like to have the lessons *
Enter both day's if you have no preference, we will contact you to indicate on which day the lessons are given.
Cost is £60 for a block of 4 lessons to be paid in advance. Lessons are 2 hrs long, from 10:00 - 12:00
If you have not payed before the start of the block, contact us as your child might not be part of the group.

Please make cheques payable to Blairgowrie Ski Club. Alternatively you can pay via online banking. Account number: 00185009. Sort code 800568. Please use your family name as a reference if paying online.

Send cheque to Paul Appleton, Inverisla, Bamff Road, Alyth, PH11 8DR

Lessons are booked through the club, but any changes to your availability and sickness has to be discussed with the ski school. The club can only refund when we have confirmation from the ski school. Lessons not provided due to resort closure will be refunded after the season.
For any questions regarding lessons, days you are not able to get to the slopes (for whatever reason) contact the ski school on +44 (0)13397 41010 or email
If you have not joined or renewed your membership you can go here to do this:

(Beginners lessons can only be offered to club members, without membership you will have to pay full Ski School price)
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