Fisico Frontend Web Developer Application (2020)
Thank you for your interest in the Frontend Web Developer position. Please fill out the form below so we can learn more about you. Please allow up to a week (or more) for a response. We typically get hundreds of applications and review each one in the order it is received.
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We use a personality assessment for all prospective and current team members. It is provided by Culture Index and it helps us better understand individual personalities including communication styles, work styles, etc. It is a short 10 minute survey with no right or wrong answers. It is not a test. It is simply a measure of how likely you are to be a fit for our team based on inherent personality traits. It does not measure intelligence, work ethic, skills, etc. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions as best you can: - Did you complete the Culture Index survey described above? *
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*** There are plenty of companies offering virtual positions these days. With that in mind, please create a 60-second video explaining why you would like to work for our company (IN PARTICULAR), and why you believe you will excel in this role. Please provide a link to your video below: *
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