Petition: NCLA Advocacy and Legislative Committee Section Formalization
*Motion: To make the Legislative and Advocacy ad hoc committee into a formal NCLA Section. This will secure attention to the critical role advocacy and legislation plays in the future prosperity of our field across all types of libraries.

*Background: In our rapidly changing field, the current and future role of libraries continues to be a hot topic of debate at all levels of society. We feel that formally recognizing the importance of activity in advocacy and legislation across different types of libraries would be beneficial for a number of reasons:

1. Increase cohesion in leadership and organization of this committee and its activities.
2. This new section would represent and support advocacy and legislation activity for public, school, and community college libraries.
3. Formal recognition of our co-chairs as voting members of the NCLA executive committee would establish advocacy and legislation as a top priority and interest area for NCLA and its members and allow them to become voting members.
4. Members can more easily and formally join the committee when joining NCLA.

*Petition Objective: Signatures of 100 voting members of the Association followed by approval by the Executive Board.

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