CS Department paid tutor application -S19
By filling out this form you are expressing your interest to be hired (or continue, if you are currently hired) as an undergraduate tutor/mentor for the UCSB CS Department in Spring 2019.

Priority will be given to applicants with current or prior experience tutoring for the CS department in one or more of the following roles (a) currently employed as a UG Tutor (b) completed CMPSC 190J in F17/W18/S18/F18 (c) enrolled in CMPSC 190J in W19 (d) have prior experience as a CS56 mentor for CS192/196 credit.

If none of these applies to you, you are still welcome to apply, but because positions are limited, it is very possible that you will be not be selected. If you have not yet taken CMPSC 190J, the form to express interest in enrolling for S19 is here:

Applications received before Friday March 1 at 5pm will be given priority. To learn more about the CS tutor program please visit: https://www.cs.ucsb.edu/~dimirza/FUAP/ugcstutors

Link to this application:

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