Dungeons and Dragons Sign Up Sheet
Maynardville Public Library's Sign up form for D&D for children aged 12-18
Our Dungeons and Dragons Program is available for any child aged 12-18 who lives in the Union County Tennessee area and can show up to the program every other week. There will be options for Tuesday or Thursday and each group will meet every other week. Dungeons and Dragons is a bit of a commitment so we would need the participants to show up to their planned date as often as possible *
Name of Child Participant *
Name of Guardian for Child Participant *
Working Phone Number for the Guardian *
Email address for the Guardian *
Age of Child Participant *
Preferred Day of the week (Note: the slots are based upon first come first served, if there are no remaining slots for the day picked we will reach out to the guardian about participating on the other day available if possible) *
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