Wonder Girls Volunteer Application
Event Timing: July 15 - 19, 2019
Event Address: Black Box at Odessa College - 2308 Shakespeare Rd, Odessa, TX 79761
Contact us at (432) 333-2527 or Elizabeth@ccwtx.org

Thank you for considering serving as a Wonder Girls Volunteer!
We are looking for 6-8 Team Leaders to help a team of girl navigate camp for the entire week, in addition to a number of volunteers who will join us to help with meals, set-up, and more for shorter lengths of time.

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Monday, July 15
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Friday, July 19
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Early Afternoon (1-3 PM)
Later Afternoon (3-5 PM)
Are you interested in serving as a Team Leader? Please note, this requires commitment to attend every day of camp for the duration of the day.
Have you ever been convicted of any criminal offense other than the following: minor traffic violation with a fine of $500 or less; offenses settled in juvenile court or under welfare youth offender law. *
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