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What is your forum username?
I see. Welcome to Strongwall Cove Maximum Security Prison. What is your inmate's name?
I see. Is there a codename we can call them by?
How old is your inmate? We take prisoners here from ages 18 to 30.
What is your inmate's gender? For cell assignment purposes, of course.
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What is your inmate's sexuality?
I see your inmate is one of the ones in the Redemption Program. What are their powers?
Here at Strongwall Cove, we take the worst America has to offer. What crimes have your inmate commited and, most importantly, were they rightfully accused of those crimes?
Could we get a link to your inmate's faceclaim, for our records?
What is your inmate's backstory. Be descriptive, please, at least 5 sentences.
...And their personality? Again, 5 sentences long, please.
Alright, thank you for your cooperation. Would you like to apply to have your inmate be team leader?
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