2021 Graduates
Due to the craziness of this year, there will not be a full yearbook produced. Instead, we will be creating a 2021 GRAD BOOK - to be GIVEN to each of you as part of your graduation package (special thanks to Mrs. Carruthers for picking up the tab!). We will continue the tradition of the Grad Quote, which will appear beside your photo. If you did not get Grad Photos taken, we are counting on you to send a photo to use. Please don't leave the space beside your name blank!
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What are your plans for next year? Post-Secondary? Travel? Work? Victory lap? Please include details, such as school you plan to attend and the program name, or if you are taking a GAP year. (ie. Computer Science, University of Waterloo OR Working for a year, then Nursing program). *
What is a favourite or inspirational quote that you relate to and would like next to your picture? Include the author. (keep it relatively short!) *
If you submitted a picture earlier to the yearbook UPloadIt app (which is no longer in use), I do still have that shot but you may prefer a more formal look for the Grad shot or a simply a more recent look. Please email a "Head and Shoulders" grad shot to: ANMGradBook@gmail.com (Be sure to include your full name!)
Email portrait shot to anmgradbook@gmail.com
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