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This Fall, many schools are taking a hybrid approach to reopening that will include 2-3 days of in-person classes, alternating weeks, or have opted to go full virtual learning. During this time, kids will still need engaging physical education throughout the school week, and parents will still need additional supervised activities for their kids. Soccer Stars is here to help!

Weekday Camps and Soccer Pods will allow your child to stay with a consistent group of classmates, friends, teammates, or kids throughout the week.

Following the approach schools are taking in their reopening practices, we are asking parents to join for approximately 8 weeks for consistency and safety with our Weekday Camps and Soccer Pods. While this is our framework, all times can be completely customized to fit your needs / virtual learning schedule, including private groups from home.

All in-person programs will follow local and CDC guidelines for safe play, as well as recommendations from US Soccer. This is a physical activity camp and will not be responsible for providing educational resources to the participants. If you desire, you can bring in an outside educator/tutor to help your POD with any school work during their study breaks. All outside vendors will be subject to the same local and CDC guidelines as the participants.

Please complete the below form to submit a request for our Weekday Camps, Soccer Pods or Private Classes commitment free.
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