(CLOSED) Garage Kit Commission Form
PLEASE only fill this form out if you have separately subscribed to my email newsletter list on my home page. Once done, you can then fill out this form.
!!!SLOTS CLOSED!!! I will not be taking anymore commissions until my current and overdue clients are fulfilled. I am still very behind on work and still learning to prioritize without stressing and falling out of motivation So please bare with me if any other clients get delayed. You WILL get your product in the end, it’s just taking more time than expected juggling different projects at once. Returning customers, I cannot accept any more slots either, though I deeply admire your loving support, I need to finish what I started before taking anymore kits in.

On a side note, I will only open commissions to specific group of people whom understand the hobby for it is getting frustrating with the bailout clients I have been having lately, plus those whom don't read my website terms before signing up for a commission and wonder why it takes so long to work on such a custom service. I will only take figures I feel comfortable in working on so no long overdue delays happen due to inexperience's.

In the meantime if you are patient to have a limited slot when I do decide to open slots back up, your more than welcome to explain the details of a figure you want done below and I can do my best to provide a rough ballpark quote (so your not waiting for a spot and the budget is not in your favor in the end).
This form is for you to fill out to request for a painted figure commission.
Please inquire below if you wish to secure a spot for (TBA). Spots go fast, so secure while they last.
Rush Order option is DISABLED forever, given my current status with commissions and will probably not offer this service any longer.
Please understand this is for serious inquiries, any attempt to get quotes but instead are asking for advice about GK building is not allowed. Though I don't mind helping fellow builders, it takes up a lot of my time which I do not have answering emails that have no relation to commission inquiries, so please forgive me if I sound rude, I don't mean to be. Also the fact I can't share all my secrets to everyone, so I have to be private for specific reasons. For advice on building I highly suggest visiting my other colleagues youtube videos for tutorials if you want to get into building!
Search Leonas Workshop on Youtube for her tutorials =)

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This insures that once I receive your commission inquiry, I can email you back via this account my results based on your information =)
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Do you understand their are no refunds, once a kit is cleaned?
Do you understand you can get your deposit refunded if a kit has not been cleaned during the initial inspection?
If you discover a company / person is offering a painted version of the kit you want painted by me is available, you are not entitled to a refund? *
If you haven’t ordered a kit or want me to find what is available: Tell me what you are looking for. Please specify character name and series they appear in.
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Tell me more about the figure (MFC links, Image Links, Name, Series, Scale, etc.) If you have multiple kits, just post the links below =)
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What would you like done to the kit? Any customizations? Ideas on colors? Want a custom base? Explain what you like!
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I will contact you back with my results after reviewing your information to give you rough estimates =) Keep in mind this submission information you verify that you have read and agreed to my website terms and this form should be taken seriously.
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