COVID-19 IMPACT study (EN)

Research Programme

Coping mechanisms and Behaviours Related to COVID-19 (COVID-19 IMPACT)

COVID-19 coronavirus has become a worldwide pandemic. Mitigation of the virus depends on limiting behaviours that limit the spread of the virus. We need suggestions for how best to ensure compliance with health-promoting behaviours and / or managing negative emotions associated with the pandemic. Recently, a review published in The Lancet highlighted the need for more research focusing on the psychological impact of pandemics and isolation. Thus, behavioural scientists around the world are trying to understand the psychological and behavioural aspects associated with isolation and the virus in general. The overall objective of the COVID-IMPACT program is to understand the psychological and behavioural aspects associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

You are asked to complete a series of questionnaires online over an 8 week period. The first time will take about 30 minutes and the next 10 minutes.

During the survey you will be invited to answer questions about
- Demographics
- Whether you smoke, exercise or drink alcohol
- Whether you follow the self-isolation guidelines
- Your beliefs about the virus
- The levels of anxiety and depression
- The mechanisms for dealing with isolation
- Your positive and negative emotions

You are not expected to encounter any risk, inconvenience or damage from your participation. In addition, there will be no risk of potential targeting, as the questionnaire completion is anonymous.

Your data will only be stored for a maximum of 5 years in accordance to personal data laws and GDPR. Only project researchers will have access to all data that will be confidential and anonymous.

Your answers will help us to inform any interventions for people in self-isolation but also to keep the population healthy. So your benefit will be altruistic. There is no monetary benefit.

You can terminate your participation at any time at no cost. In such a case, any information provided by you will be destroyed.

All data collected will be coded in the SPSS statistical program and stored on an external hard disk that will be kept locked at the ACThealthy Lab at the University of Cyprus. Access to such electronic files will require the use of a security code known only to the Project Scientists and the Project Coordinator. The study's research staff, as well as the regulators and members of the relevant Ethics Committees undertake to strictly respect the confidentiality and data protection laws and confidentiality of the study participants. In case of publishing the results of the study, the confidentiality of the individuals will be ensured as no personal information of the participants that could lead to their identification will be mentioned. The consent forms and data in electronic form will be destroyed after 5 years from the conduct of the investigation, pursuant to Article 5 (No.1) and Recital (39) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The 5 year duration is considered sufficient for the analysis of the data and the publication of scientific articles.

Please contact the Head of the Research Support Service of the University of Cyprus for any complaints regarding this investigation. The following is the name and contact details:

Head of the Research Support Service of the University of Cyprus, Dr. Marios Demetriades
Tel: 222894287, Fax: 22895506

For more information or clarifications on the research program, you can contact the Coordinator, Dr. Angelos Kassianos at

Please fill in your email every time you fill out questionnaires

Please note that the study has received ethics approval by the Cyprus National Bioethics Committee (ref.: ΕΕΒΚ ΕΠ 2020.01.60).
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