CU CPD - Event Accreditation Request 2017
Before you complete this Event CPD Allocation Request Form please take a moment to read the following guidelines:

This form must be completed for any formal relevant CPD event for which allocation of CPD for CU CPD members is sought. (Usually by the event organiser).

Relevancy is determined under two headings; CU CPD Ops. where the event meets the requirements of the Central Banks Minimum Competency Code MCC (2011) as related to the provision of advice around the eight retail financial products or the compliance and regulation of same, or CU CPD Gov. where the event meets the governance requirements of boards or supervisors.

CPD Allocation Forms should be completed at least six weeks ahead of the event to ensure that CPD has been successfully allocated before the event.

CU CPD hours cannot be advertised until a CU CPD accreditation number has been provided. On successful application you will be contacted and provided with an event CU CPD number and then the event can be advertised as awarding CU CPD.

Advertising of CU CPD for an event before final accreditation has been provided could lead to a dismissal of the application by the CU CPD Accreditation Panel. (Please note that CPD Accreditation by other Bodies does not guarantee CPD for CU CPD members)

The CU CPD Accreditation Panel reserves the right to request any additional information on an event that it may deem necessary in determining the relevancy of the event and/or the experience and knowledge of presenters.

If an event is subsequently found to not constitute a relevant training event, the CU CPD Panel reserve the right to remove any accreditation previously awarded. CU CPD is only awarded for events where training takes place and not for general meetings/discussions or sales pitches.

Accreditation is only valid in the year for which it is claimed. Events must be reapplied for each year.

The minimum unit of time recognised and accredited for CPD purposes is 1/2 hour. The maximum number of formal hours that will be accredited for any single day is 8 hours, while the maximum number of formal hours that will be accredited for any single topic within a day is 4 hours. The maximum number of formal hours that will be accredited for any single tested online course/module is 2 hours.

The CU CPD Panel’s decision on CPD accreditation is binding.

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I understand and accept that any CPD credit awarded for the above event / training programme will be based on the information I have submitted in relation to the duration of the presentation(s) and its/ their content. Should either of these criteria change at any stage (e.g. presentations are shortened, content is altered, refreshment breaks incorporated), I will advise the Administrator and re-apply for CPD credit. I also understand and accept that the Administrator will not stand over CPD hours awarded where such changes have occurred after the award was given, and that they reserve the right to refuse CPD claims made by individuals attending an event that has been subject to such changes
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