Katsucon Official Cosplay Chess - Old vs. New!
Please read the rules in full before completing this form.
-Players are volunteers. There is no compensation for playing besides the thrill of getting to play!
-We would discourage potential players from applying unless they are very certain they will be able to make the con and will have their costume (or a theme-appropriate alternative) fully ready in time. We understand that things do happen last-minute, but we also need to minimize the number of changes we might have to make to match-ups at-con.
-Players must be willing to provide us with contact info (a reliable email at minimum).
-Players must provide a photo or WIP of their costume in order to be considered. If you cannot provide a link, you can send up to three (3) images to animus.panthera@gmail.com
-Players will be responsible for planning their own "matches." We will provide players with an outline of the game and contact info for the players they will have matches with so that they can plan in advance of the con.
-We don't want to risk any injuries or damages to costumes and props, so there will be no actual fighting allowed. Players are encouraged to get creative- have a dance off, an insult fight, a duel with pistols at ten paces, etc. Any physical contact between players must first be run by the coordinators, and may or may not be approved.
-Matches must be appropriate for audiences 13+.
-Matches may be subject to last-minute changes due to no-shows. Players should be prepared to change their match plans if needed.
-Players will not be provided with microphones. If they feel confident in their ability to be loud enough for the audience to hear, they are more than welcome to include dialog in their matches.
-We will not be able to provide sound effects for players. Players may provide their own sound effects (for instance, via an assistant with a phone), but we cannot guarantee the availability of a wired mic. There will NOT be any wireless mics.
-Players are also allowed to have friends act as "stage ninjas" or assistants to provide visual effects, but these must first be run by the coordinators and may or may not be approved.
-Applicants understand that they may not be chosen as players. Applicants who are not chosen may agree to act as back-ups in case of no-shows. Backups must be willing to provide us with reliable at-con contact info (phone number preferred) and be willing and able to step in last-minute if needed.
-Players must be able to attend a rehearsal Friday evening (8:30-10 pm) in addition to the event itself (Saturday, 1-3 pm). Players who do not attend this Friday rehearsal will be replaced. There will also be optional rehearsal time on Saturday before the show for players who want extra practice with their match-up partners.
-Players should arrive at least 15 minutes before the show on Saturday.
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Email address
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Character and series. Please provide a link to photo(s) of WIPs or completed costumes.
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Please choose your team
If you are not chosen for Cosplay Chess, would you be willing to act as a backup? Backup players will not be guaranteed a spot, and will likely be called in last-minute if needed.
If you are willing to act as a backup player, please provide a reliable phone number or email address that you will be able to check/answer immediately AT CON.
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We are also looking for ONE (1) Team New/Modern player to act as one of the main characters (Team Old/Classic is already cast). This is a scripted* character that will be playing on an actual chess board/narrating the game, speaking ON MIC. (*You would be able to have your script with you, although you should be reasonably familiar with it.) Would you be interested in this role?
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