Orkester Norden 2020
Orkester Norden is a Symphony Orchestra for young musicians at the age of 15 to 26.

You can apply if you are a student at a conservatoire, high school or university in Scandinavia or in the Baltic Countries or if you are a citizen of one of these countries and study in another country

Keep in mind that even if you don't meet all the eligibility criterias, we still encourage you to apply. You will be considered for any potential vacancies in the orchestra.

Please fill in this form carefully and send it to us. In return we will contact you with the link to our video application site where you can leave you audition videos. Application materials can be requested here on Orkester Norden website: http://www.orkesternorden.com/how-to-apply/

Your audition videos are reviewed and evaluated by our team of instructors. Video applications are due Monday 20.1.2020.

Facts about ON 2020:

Rehearsal period in Lahti, Finland 24.7.-1.8.2020 (arrival date being 23.7.)
Tour dates and destinations (changes are possible):

Sunday 2.8. to be confirmed
Monday 3.8. Ristinkirkko Lahti, Finland (concert being part of Lahti Organ Festival)
Tuesday 4.8. ISME world conference, Helsinki
Thursday 6.8. Young Euro Classic -festival in Berlin, Germany

You need to be available from 23.7.-7.8.2020. Arrival to Lahti and departure from Berlin. Please note that organization is NOT covering the travel costs to Lahti and from Berlin!!

Program 2020: Nielsen: Symphony 4 / Mahler: Symphony 1
First half of the concerts to be confirmed later, updated information can be found later www.orkesternorden.com

Welcome to Orkester Norden 2020!!!

For further information please contact Henna Keihäs tel. +358 50 383 6551 or henna.keihas@lahti.fi /orkesternorden.lahti@gmail.com
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