University of Pittsburgh MLS/MLIS Alumni
As the faculty of the Master of Library and Information Science program, we’d like to hear about your career experiences as we implement the redesigned MLIS curriculum with a new cohort of students in Fall Term 2019 and prepare for the COA re-accreditation of the MLIS program in 2020. Learning about your experiences can help us shape the learning experiences of our new students and provide authentic context for the Re-Accreditation Self-Study.
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Please Share Your Professional Work Experiences to Help Faculty Implement the Re-designed MLIS Curriculum & Prepare for COA Re-Accreditation
1. What is your current work situation? *
2. How long have you worked since you earned your MLS/MLIS degree? *
3. In your own professional experience have you used qualitative information to gather and analyze an information problem or need? *
4. In your own professional experience have you used inquiry-based methods to design, build, and test solutions to your problem or need? *
5. In your own professional experience have you assessed, evaluated, and measured the success and sustainability of your designed solution? *
6. What do you think are the factors that contribute most to your career success? *
7. Will you identify one thing from your MLS/MLIS degree experience that has helped you most in your career? *
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8. What is the biggest change in your professional work environment you have experienced at your institution? *
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