The Q List Survey: Healthcare Professionals
The Q List is OUTSaskatoon's vast and varied referral list to direct LGBTQ folks to businesses, organizations, professionals, and healthcare providers that are safe and supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Two Spirit, intersex, and queer (LGBTQ2S) people. This list is used as a tool for the Queer and Trans community to know which individuals and organizations are:
1) knowledgeable of gender and sexual diversity
2) comfortable working with LGBTQ2S people
3) open to expanding their client and coworker base to the queer community

If you are a healthcare provider or belong to an organization that provides medical care (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc) AND are interested in being added to the Q List please take the following survey.

If you are responding to this survey as an individual please answer the questions based upon your knowledge and experience. If you are responding to this survey on behalf of the organization please answer the questions based upon the collective knowledge and experience of your organization.
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1. Do you/your organization have a thorough understanding of the following sexual orientations: *
2. Do you/your organization have a thorough understanding of the following gender identities: *
3. Do you/your organization understand that sexual orientation and gender identity are separate identities? *
4. Will you/your organization respect patients' sexual orientation and/or gender identity regardless of what it may be? *
5. Have you/your organization worked with LGBTQ2S people before? *
6. Have you/your entire organization received LGBTQ2S specific training in the past? *
7. If religion plays a role in your/your organization's practice, do your religious beliefs include the acceptance of gender and sexual diversity? *
8. Are the forms at your office inclusive of sexual and gender diversity? (Ie. If you ask for the persons gender, are there more categories than just woman/female and man/male?) *
9. If your forms currently are not inclusive of diverse identities, would your office consider revising forms or introducing new forms that are inclusive? If not, why? *
10. Does your office display any signage or symbols that would indicate it is a safe space? *
11. If your office does not display any signage, would you be interested in receiving training in order to receive OUTSaskatoon's safer space posters? *
12. If your office does not display any signage, would you be interested in purchasing OUTSaskatoon's "LGBTQ friendly space" window decals ($10 each)? *
13. Does your office have anti-harassment policies that include sexual orientation and gender identity? *
14. Does your office have gender inclusive washrooms that are accessible for patients to use? *
15. If a patient uses a different name and/or gender marker than what is on their file, will you/your organization respect their name and/or gender marker? *
16. Do you/your organization have any procedures in place that ensure correct names and pronouns are used for patients, regardless of what is on their ID (Ie. health card)? *
17. Do doctors at your office prescribe hormones? If not right now, are any doctors willing to take training so that they can prescribe hormones in the future? *
18. If doctors are your office do not prescribe hormones are they aware of other doctors in the city who do AND do they make referrals to those doctors? *
19. Do you or doctors at your office prescribe PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis)?
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20. Do doctors at your office make referrals to necessary specialists (Ie. Endocrinologists, surgeons, etc)? *
21. Have you or any of your coworkers received CPATH (Canadian Association of Transgender Health) training? If yes, what training?
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22. Do counsellors at your office know of trans-friendly doctors in the city? *
23. Would your organization be interested in receiving OUTSaskatoon's professional development training for the first time, or again? *
24. Would your organization display our educational pamphlets for public access? *
Is there any other information you would like us to know about your organization?
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