Sex Worker Survey
Sex work friends in Idaho, we would love your feedback! We honor the experience of those who engage in and choose this work, and would love more information so that we can better understand who you are and if we could be a resource for you. When we say sex work, we include all types of work including adult performers & content creators in porn, clips, & film, cam performers, dancers, street sex work, full service/ escorts, phone sex, pro-domme/dom work, erotica writers, educators, toy reviewers, distributors.

We want to provide harm reduction services and other services for you, with your input and feedback. We honor that your work is valid, and much of the harm you may experience is as a result of external forces that might be violent, shaming or stigmatizing of the work you do. The information you share with us in this survey is solely for the use of Idaho Harm Reduction Project to develop services for our participants, and all the information is confidential.

Please provide as much information as possible while still maintaining the confidentiality of yourself and others.
Are you interested in receiving FREE: *
Are there other services you'd be interested in? How else can we support you?
Would you be interested in meeting or networking with people who do similar work? *
Generally, have your experiences been with law enforcement (either regarding your work, substance use, housing status, etc.) been: *
Has your work or your ability to work been impacted by COVID-19? *
For example: Was your club closed during the shutdown? Are clients not buying as much during the economic recession?
Has your work or your ability to work been impacted by SESTA/FOSTA? *
For example: Do you advertise online? Have you had to switch platforms in the last few years due to changes in law?
If you feel comfortable sharing, what kind of work do you do? Where do you do this work?
Feel free to just share the setting (hotel, club, online, phone, etc.) instead of the name of the venue.
Phone number or email address
If you would like to be compensated for the time you took to complete this survey, please enter your phone number or email address below. We will send you $10 via PayPal.
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