The Sunflower Festival at Alvis Farms 2019
Sunflowers are extremely popular photography backdrops and props. We are excited to offer our family farm's sunflower fields as a location for photographers to utilize this summer! We love having friends and family out to visit, and we always enjoy seeing our farm featured in your beautiful photos! We are a working farm and we ask that you respect this private property. If you plan to utilize our sunflower fields we ask that you follow our guidelines below.

The Sunflower Festival at Alvis Farms will be held for two consecutive weekends. The two weekends will be finalized closer to the event to ensure optimal bloom since sunflowers peak for only approximately 2 weeks.

Event Times:
Saturdays 10am - 5pm & Sundays 11am - 5pm

Three Chopt Road, Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103 (1 mile SE on Three Chopt Road off of Broad Street)
*Event location will be publicized to the public a week or two weeks prior to the event to ensure optimal bloom for pictures and enjoyment.
Event Dates
Saturday & Sunday, July 27 & 28, AND Saturday & Sunday, August 3 & 4
Photographer Application
Please fill out the application below.

Questions? Please contact Erin at (804) 822-1241.
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Paid Photography During Event Days
All photographers that plan to charge for individual sessions or mini-sessions will be required to pay $30/day. Any clients coming for the event will be required to pay their entry fee of $5. We look forward to you enjoying our sunflower fields for amazing pictures with your clients. Please tag our farm on social media so we can share your work as well!

If you are interested in a more quiet, less stressful session with your clients, we are offering private scheduled times for shoots below.
Scheduled Private Shoots
Please see the available dates/times below to request a private time for you and your clients to shoot in the sunflower fields. The charge for these off-hour shoots is $65/hour on property or $150/day. Selections below are not guaranteed. Confirmation of your day/time will be communicated to you via e-mail. Payment can be sent in prior to shoot or a check, cash or card payment can be taken at the start of your session.
Early Morning (6am - 10am)
Mid-day (10am - 4pm)
Evening (4pm - 9pm)
Monday 7/22
Tuesday 7/23
Wednesday 7/24
Thursday 7/25
Friday 7/26
Monday 7/29
Tuesday 7/30
Wednesday 7/31
Thursday 8/1
Friday 8/2
Photography Rules & Agreement
Professional and novice photographers and their clients are permitted under the following guidelines:

1. Photographers are welcome to take photos (no drones permitted) in the sunflower fields during regular open hours (Sat: 10am - 5pm and Sun: 11am - 5pm) during the the two weekends the event will run. The cost of entry for photographers is $30/day. Clients are responsible for paying for their entry of $5/person. No one is allowed on property after event hours without a confirmed scheduled private shoot appointment (see below). When we are not open to the public, you may only enter with special permission.
2. Photography is allowed only in areas of the sunflower fields that are open to the public. You must check in with the manager on duty to let us know you are on site and to find out what areas you may enter. You must be finished by our closing time (unless special arrangements have been made).
3. If you wish to enter the sunflower fields before or after event days/hours, you must make a scheduled private shoot appointment and have it confirmed in advance. We will attempt to schedule staff to be on-site. If we can staff it, the charge is $65 per hour or $150 per day, payable on site by cash, check or card. If no staffing can be arranged, we will not be able to grant the appointment.
4. All farm policies must be followed. You must remain in designated open areas, and pay for any flowers you pick. Please do not climb trees, flatten flowers, litter, or act in any unsafe manner. Please be respectful and aware of other people and our flowers. We are a family farm, appropriate attire must be worn at all times. We allow a camera only. No lighting, ladders, props, etc. Stay on the paths. No picture is worth damaging the field for others. Stay off all farm equipment including and not limited to tractors, etc. Do not enter neighboring fields. Do not open any gates. Do not climb on fences. Park in designated parking area only. Clients/models must be fully and appropriately clothed (i.e., no nudity, swimsuits, lingerie, etc.) Clients/models must arrive fully prepared, including hair, makeup, and styling. No dressing rooms or storage areas will be provided and restrooms may not be open. Electrical power is not available. No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the premises. No smoking will be permitted on the premises. Photography sessions may not disrupt visitor access, employee access, or special events. We expect all visitors to be respectful of our farm, our animals and our fields at all times. Anyone not abiding by any portion of this policy will be asked to leave the farm immediately. Our policies are subject to change without notice.
5. We welcome canvas artists or landscape artists to use the fields. We request that you follow the same General Photography Guidelines above.
6. We ask that you provide us with quality photos that we could use for marketing purposes, with permissions.
7. If you are taking photography/videography for advertising or mass media purposes, please contact us in advance; we are happy to work with you if we are able. A different fee schedule may apply.
8. No drone/aerial photography is permitted at any time without permission from management.
9. If you are on our property without permission during non-event hours, you are trespassing. We do prosecute. This is a working family farm and our crops are our livelihood. Alvis Farms reserves the right to refuse admittance for photography or videography and/or change its photo policy without advanced notice. Some areas of the farm may not be available the day of your shoot due to Alvis Farms programming, events or unforeseen circumstances.
10. All photographers agree to hold harmless Alvis Farms and their agents, staff and family from any injury while on the property.

Please respect our private property, help us keep the insurance man happy, and enjoy your photos and memories by following our guidelines!
Please check below that you agree with the above rules and agreement. *
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