Folks in GCB Self Nomination Form
Below is a form to fill out if you would like to be added to Folks in GCB, a self-nomination list for individuals from groups that are underrepresented in GCB (e.g., women, racial or ethnic minorities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, veterans, among others.)
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URM status (as determined by NSF)
The National Science Foundation has designated the following as under-represented minorities. We recognize this list has limitations and invite you to fill out the "Other underrepresented group" section, or the "Elaborate on the above" section, below, if you would like to identify yourself using a group that is not listed below.
Do you identify as a person with a disability?
Other underrepresented group
We recognize that we cannot identify all underrepresented groups in a single form. We greatly encourage folks to indicate membership in an underrepresented group not currently listed. For example, we do not have an option for gender but women and non-binary genders are encouraged to list themselves.
Elaborate on the above?
We encourage folks to elaborate on anything that they feel could not be communicated with the above options with respect to their underrepresented status.
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Feel free the check off more than one if it applies to your field.
Subfield keywords (eg: - Functional genomics, phylogenetics, sequence analysis)
This optional field is for identifying if you work in a specific subfield of genomics, computational biology, and bioinformatics. Note that if you would like to instead highlight a methods or disease focus of your work , options for these are below.
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Methods keywords (eg: machine learning, statistical modeling)
This optional field is for highlighting specific methods that you use are an expert in or use regularly within the field of GCB.
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Disease/biology keywords (eg: cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease)
This optional field is for highlighting if a specific disease or biological phenomenon is a large focus of your work.
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Research summary/blurb
Feel free to include a brief summary of your research
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Would you be interested in joining (or better yet - starting!) a Slack team for Folks in GCB who have things in common with you?
Would you be interested in either being a mentor or being mentored by someone in this group?
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