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Name of MOVE IT! Activity or a brief explanation of the activity *
Did the infusion of the MOVE IT! activity into your lesson today make your class session more engaging than a traditional class session, or past virtual/live class experience? *
Did the MOVE IT! activity today make you want to include other MOVE IT! (movement/fine arts integration) activities into your lessons in the future? *
Did the MOVE IT! activity today seem to enhance (improve) your students'/participant's learning experience? *
Was the MOVE IT! activity delivered today simple enough for your student/participants to quickly understand and engage in? *
Did the infusion of the MOVE IT! activity seem to help your students/participants pay closer attention to the lesson/presentation/material today? *
Did you have any behavior/discipline issues around the time your students/participants were engaged in the MOVE IT! activity? *
About how much overall participation/engagement occurred during the lesson as a result of the MOVE IT! infusion? *
If you used an "exit ticket" or any type of formal /summative assessment after the lesson/session, about what level of mastery did your students/participants show? *
OPTIONAL: Other thoughts or comments--How can we improve, what did you like best, what other activities do you wish to try, what would you do differently the next time you deliver a MOVE IT! infused lesson, etc.
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