EOI for Introductory Level Referee Course 入門級裁判課程興趣表達
Dear Touchers,

We are delighted to invite you to the FIT Introductory Level Referees' Course, which is to be conducted with the support of Chinese Taipei Touch Association and its' affiliate Taipei Touch Association.

FIT has revamped this course to suit the current climate, so you can take this 3 hour course at the comfort of your home via Zoom. The course can be delivered in 3 x 1 hour sessions or 1 x 3 hour session.

There is no cost to do the course as everything is done online. If you wish to purchase the official Thunder whistle at NTD $400/each, you can do that a later date.

We welcome young players, new people who might be interested in refereeing or current referees who want a refresher course. Pease express your interest before 5 pm, January 29th, 2021. This course will be delivered in English.

If you have any questions, please email Ting Fan: ting.fan84@gmail.com 

Participants should meet the following criteria, including but not limited to:

* Must be a registered & paid member of Chinese Taipei Touch Association, or a recognized Affiliate (e.g Taipei Touch Association, Tainan Titans Touch Football etc.).
* Should be located in Taiwan R.O.C. for the foreseeable future (min. year). Exception may be granted for younger players.
* Actively involved in the local Touch scene and whom will continue to contribute positively to the local Touch community.
* After accreditation, must be actively refereeing to lift the level of touch (e.g. For Taipei, referees should be involved in weekly TTA sessions, Taipei Touch Leagues and/or tournaments).
* The organizers will screen each potential candidate based (not limited) on the above criteria and withhold the right to decline expressions on a case-by-case basis


我們很榮幸的邀請您來報名參加 由臺灣觸球協會和隸屬會員臺北觸球協會主辦的FIT入門級裁判員課程。 由於疫情的影響,FIT 將課程電子化而該課程將會採用 Zoom 線上學習。該課程為三小時,可以為 3 x 1 小時課程或是 1 x 3 小時課程。

由於該課程為線上學習,所以為免費的。如果日後您想要購買專業的 Thunder 哨子 (新台幣400)可以給我聯繫。
我們歡迎年輕球員,有興趣當裁判的人員,或者想要 進修的裁判員請在 2021年  1 月 29 日的下午 5 點前表示您的興趣。


*必須是臺灣觸球協會 (CTTA) 或認可的隸屬會員協會 (如臺北觸球協會, Tainan Titans)的註冊及付費會員,

*位於臺灣的裁判應在可預見的將來定居在台灣 (至少1年)。年輕的球員可能列外。


*獲得認證後,一定要積極執行裁判員以提升觸球的水平 (如臺北裁判員應參與每週的TTA活動,臺北觸球聯賽和/或錦標賽)。

*主辦單位將基於以上標準 (不限於) 篩選每一位潛在的候選人,並包留拒絕參與者的所有權利。
Referees at the 2018 Taipei Touch Tournament
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Current Affiliation (who runs the local competition e.g. Taipei Touch Association) 隸屬會員 (安排當地賽事的隸屬會員 例如 臺北觸球協會) * *
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