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I would prefer that my name and / or photos are not published on the website or Facebook page. We will endeavour to meet your wishes but cannot guarantee this.
Payment Instructions
Fees will be paid: Monthly with a one off yearly payment,
NB: If the member leaves and returns in the same year they will be classed as a new member and be charged the annual fee as well as the monthly fee.


Annual Membership fee
A single payment needs to be made by BACS transfer from your bank to the below account for *£24.50 (see below comment regarding ASA membership). This covers the annual fee (£15.00) and the first month of membership payment (£9.50)

*Please note if you are already an ASA member, ASA membership costs will be deducted and the amount payable will be £16.00.
For the payment reference, please use “Your name/HERC Annual”


Monthly Membership fee
A standing order needs to be set up with your bank to the below account for a monthly payment of £9.50. This should be set up for the 1st of the month, starting the following month.

For the Standing Order reference, please use “Your name/HERC Monthly”

Please note for both payments the reference is important as it identifies where the payment has come from.


All payments are to be made to the below bank account:

Account name: HERC Triathlon

Bank details: NatWest (Fareham Branch)

Account number: 51913917

Account sort code: 52-41-32

Data Protection

HERC Triathlon will use your personal information for club administration purposes only. With your email address, we will send occasional emails to keep you informed of club activities. All personal information will be handled in line with GDPR 2018
HERC Triathlon is affiliated with Triathlon England, Cycling Time Trials and HOWL Multisport
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