USD 407: Pre-Kindergarten Program Application (Must be 4 years old by August 31, 2021)
Our 4 year old state Pre-K program is supported by a Kansas state grant. This program is free for those who qualify. In addition, busing will be available for these students. Please complete all the questions on the following application. Some additional information may be required in order to verify the qualification. Thank you!
Email address *
Does your family qualify for free lunches through the Federal Lunch Program? (An official application is required. This will be available after July 1.) *
If yes, what is your yearly income?
If yes, what is the number of people living in your home?
Is your home a single parent household (or will the custodial parent be unmarried on the first day of school)? *
Is your child currently or has your child previously been in the foster system? *
Were either of the child's parents teenagers at the time of the child's birth? *
If yes, please list the parent(s) date of birth and their age at the child's birth.
Do either of the child's parents lack a high school diploma or GED? *
If yes, list the highest grade completed.
Does your family have limited English proficiency (another primary language used at home)? *
If yes, what is the primary language?
Does your child have lower than expected developmental progress (must be based on the results of an appropriate and valid assessment)? *
Does your child qualify for migrant status (certificate of eligibility must be provided)? *
Does your child have a current IEP (Individualized Education Plan)? *
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