Event Addicts X Add Trustline For New Wallet
Dear Addicts X Family

Let's join with us at the Addicts X Trustline Event FOR NEW WALLET.

To participate, click link below :

Reward : 69 ADSX for each participants.

Conditions to participation:
-. Make New Wallet (2 ADSX)
-. Must add trustline ADSX on your Stellar wallet and buy min 1 ADSX (1 ADSX)
-. Follow twitter @addicts_x (2 ADSX)
-. Retweet pinned message @addicts_x with comments (63 ADSX)

Term and condition must be according to :
-. Trustline must be made on 14 June 2019
-. Must buy minimal 1 ADSX on market.

Note : This Event end when participants reach 10k

How To Make New Stellar Wallet
Balance recomended 7-10 xlm
✅ StellarX stellarx.com
✅ Stellarport stellarport.io
✅ InterStellar interstellar.exchange

To activate your wallet
Balance recomended 3-5 xlm
✅ Lobstr Lobstr.co
✅ StellarTerm stellarterm.com

-click +trustline
-find & select ADSX
-click finish

Assets - All Assets - Add Other Asset
Asset Search - input addictsx.com
click Search, Add

AddictsX Asset Issuer

Name *
Your Stellar Wallet Address *
Must new wallet and buy 1 ADSX on market. Dont fill with exchange wallet, ADSX Issuer, and papaya wallet.
TX ID Buy *
Dont Blank This Field
Twitter Username *
example : @addicts_x
Retweet Link *
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