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Hi, We are 7 teenagers from Armadale in Perth WA working on a Start-Up business idea. We are 1 of 10 teams out of 100 selected to compete in a National High School Pitch-off called Just Start IT. We are also nominating for the WA Young Innovators Awards. We think that waste plastics should be recycled and reused here in WA and not sent to Landfill rubbish dumps or to other countries to be burned for electricity production. We want to make a difference.

PLASTIGO is an online game marketplace that releases mobile games which integrate with plastic reuse and recycling. Our 'Bin It' game is a reward system to encourage PLASTIGO players to recycle plastic waste GreenBatch 'Smart bins' for in-game currency and benefits.

PLASTIGO is partnered with GreenBatch in Perth Western Australia who recycle PET plastic drink bottles collected by schools into free 3D Printer filament for those schools.

We think Gamers will recycle if there are rewards and great games to play.

Thank you for helping us by filling in this survey. - Exequiel Cancisio and Nathaniel Enato (PLASTIGO Customer relations team)

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Read about PLASTIGO's launch game idea please
'Tribes' will be the first mobile game to be released by plastigo. Tribes is an action game set on a plastic ridden, post-apocalyptic Earth that has been plunged into a new dark age because of what plastic has done to the environment. Tribes takes place in the year 2164, after the extreme build up of land and sea waste has scared away the rich to flee to space in search of another home and forced any human stragglers to fend for themselves. Those left behind have either resorted to their ancestral, tribal way of life and strive to clean up Earth or have been mutated by the Plastigenes, a new gene fused with 'microplastics' that turn the host into abominations that feed off plastic waste. The tribes and those who have been mutated by Plastigenes are in a constant conflict over plastic.

The tribes of Earth thrive off spiritual gems called "Ora Stones". These gems are the in-game currency you receive every time you recycle a plastic bottle using the Bin It Technique System (BITS).

BITS is integrated into Tribes as a vital part of the game. To even start playing Tribes you need to recycle five plastic bottles in Green Batch purple bins. Every time you recycle a bottle in our bins, scan the QR code on the bin through the game and you will receive an Ora Stone. You can use Ora Stones to purchase character abilities, different outfits, and maps in-game. Ora Stones are essential to Tribes if you wish to continue playing and want to unlock cool outfits, abilities and map expansions.

Users can play Tribes offline or online. Offline does not require the internet for use and involves a campaign where the player can switch between an array of different characters from different tribes all over the Earth. The players ultimate goal in the campaign is to restore Earth back to its full health by completing various missions using different tribes and characters in several continents and countries. Online play requires the internet for use but players can complete missions together or face-off against other players on various maps.

Tribes will only be released in Western Australia where the Green Batch purple bins have been deployed in the beta stage of the game. After beta, Plastigo looks forward to expanding the game to the whole of Australia.

Tribes uses mobile device GPS so users can find the bins to recycle plastic bottles and earn Ora Stones. Users will need to sign up for an account with us so that they can play the game.

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