Critical Thinking Workshop

3 Part Critical Thinking Workshop
Conducted by: James DiGiovanna

Our first session will cover basic teaching techniques for helping students to identify arguments, distinguish meaningful from non-meaningful sentences, remove vagueness and ambiguity from their writing, and distinguish subjective from objective claims.

In our second session will look more closely at argumentative writing, showing techniques to help students find conclusions or thesis statements and identify and analyze supporting claims. We’ll stress some well-tested reading techniques that will improve student comprehension through simple analytic tools.

In our final session we’ll go over methods that will help students produce papers with clear thesis statements, good supporting evidence, respect for opposing points of view, and an absence of filler. We’ll show students how to think creatively in criticizing a conclusion, how to construct ordered paragraphs, and how to build from simple, four-sentence arguments up to complex, but uncluttered full-length papers.

Monday, March 10th, 2014
Tuesday, March 25th
Monday, April 7th
Location: New Building 3.76

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