Global survey on youth cooperative entrepreneurship
Welcome young cooperators!

This survey is part of the campaign on youth cooperative entrepreneurship “We own it! The future of work is ours”, developed by the International Organisation of Industrial and Service Cooperatives (CICOPA). You can go to to get more information about the campaign.

The aim of this survey is to collect information about youth cooperatives organised worldwide under the three main types of cooperatives in which the workers or producers are the owners and co-managers of the business: worker cooperative, social cooperative, and producers’/freelancers’ cooperative. Through this survey, we are targeting youth cooperatives at different stages of development: nascent, newly-established and well-established cooperatives.The results of this survey will feed into a global study on trends among young people in establishing and being part of the above-mentioned types of cooperatives, including under new emerging forms.

The survey includes mostly multiple-choice questions and should take around 15-30 minutes to be completed. Thank you for taking the time to complete it and for sharing with other young cooperators through this link:!

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