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This form is for people who want to speak at Krakow Enterprise Mondays to nominate themselves, or for someone to nominate a speaker.
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Please fill in the application below.
The idea is for the speaker to give a short talk, 10-15 minutes
- who they  are
- what they do
- share  lessons they have learned
- give advice for students starting a business
- using our slide template in powerpoint
- Q&A

We don't pay expenses but may buy you a beer or soft drink (or  two :-)

KEM Team

Goals of Kraków Enterprise Mondays

1. To facilitate and encourage transfer of know how and capital to from successful businesspeople among the alumni of Polish Universities to current entrepreneurial students

2. To give current students access to role models among entrepreneurial alumni who can help transmit the message that business success is possible.

3. to celebrate the business success of alumni. and the sense that the current generation of students (And maybe official University organs), appreciate and value entrepreneurial success.

4. To encourage existing alumni associations to include entrepreneurship support in their activities

5. to provide a business friendly environment where students from different universities in Krakow can meet and get to know each other, and develop their networks.    

6. To encourage Student Societies to support business and social entrepreneurship among their members.  
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