Womb Centered Healing Temple Work Exchange/Collaboration Application
Sharing your skills and interests in the application below will help us to develop a mutually beneficial collaboration relationship.
Email address *
What is your name?
What Temple Membership are you interested in?How many one to one sessions do you see yourself receiving during the month/year?
Please explain why making a monthly financial contribution is a hardship or not possible for you.
Please share about why you want to become a member of the Womb Centered Healing Temple. What do you wish to gain from your membership?
Please list previous experience you have with offering your skills and services in exchange for the skills or services of someone you wanted to receive from. Which ones worked out the best?
Do you have any past experiences of work exchange/collaboration where things did not go so well? What did you learn from these experiences?
How much time each week can you realistically offer to the Temple?
How much time each week can you realistically devote to receiving the gifts of the Temple?
Which of the following Work Exchange/Collaboration opportunities do you feel you would be good at/feel inspired by?
Please clarify about any option you checked above or wanted to check but didn't that might not have matched your ideas exactly.
Please write out your ideal Work Exchange/Collaboration agreement including what you will give to the Temple as well as what you will receive. Please be as specific as possible.
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