Federation of Cypriot American Organizations

The Federation of Cypriot American Organizations (FCAO) is a non-profit entity representing 23
Greek – Cypriot - American associations located throughout the United States. Its mission is to,
develop good relations and solidarity amongst its chapters, promote their goals, represent their
interests and the coordination of their social, educational, philanthropic, and cultural activities.
The FCAO, undertakes and promotes charitable activities primarily within the Cypriot and Greek
- American communities; preserves and promotes the Greek language and Greek and Cypriot
history and cultural heritage in the United States. It also supports the leadership of the Greek
Orthodox Church in the establishment and preservation of Greek - American identity and the
Greek Orthodox faith in the United States.

The Federation of American Cypriot Organizations has observed that there’s a decline during the
recent years in the participation of the Greek-Cypriot-Americans in the community affairs. Your
participation in this brief survey will provide useful information and grant us the opportunity to
undertake a course of action to revive the Greek-Cypriot community of the USA. Your contribution
to this research is invaluable to the FCAO. The feedback you provide will enable us to get a better
understanding of the interests and needs of the Greek-Cypriots in the USA.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to participate in our study. You must be at least 18
years of age to be a part of this research.

If you have questions, please contact the FCAO at (718) 440-8799
You can e-mail the questionnaire to info@fcaousa.org or mail it to:
Federation of Cypriot American Organizations
4-05 26 Avenue
Astoria, New York 11102

The information in this study will be used only for research purposes and will not reveal who you are. The results will be reported in aggregate form only, and will not be identified individually.

1. Name:
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3. Address:
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4. E-mail:
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5. Telephone:
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6. Gender:
7. What is your age?
8. What is the highest level of formal education you have completed?
9. Are you a college student?
10. Name of school:
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11. Field of studies:
Your answer
12. Working status:
13. What is your occupation?
Your answer
14. What is your place of birth?
15. Are you a Cypriot citizen?
16. Do you exercise your right to vote in Cyprus?
If Yes, please specify
17. Are you a USA citizen?
18. Do you exercise your right to vote in the USA?
If Yes, please specify
19. How many years are you living in the USA?
20. Do you speak Greek?
21. If Yes, rate your comfort level:
Least comfortable
Most comfortable
22. Do you travel to Cyprus?
If Yes, how often:
23. What are your hobbies?
(Please list)
24. Are you presently volunteering in any organizations?
25. If No, please explain why or check the boxes that apply below:
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26. Rate your interest in socializing with other Greek-Cypriots and Greeks:
Least Interested
Most Interested
27. Rate your interest in learning more about the Greek-Cypriot cultural heritage:
Least Interested
Most Interested
28. Rate your interest in learning more about the Greek-Cypriot history:
Least Interested
Most Interested
29. How many community events do you attend yearly?
30. What type of community events do you attend?
31. Overall how would you rate the community events?
32. How likely are you to attend community events in the future?
Not So Likely
Extremely Likely
33. How likely is it that you would recommend a community event to a friend?
Not So Likely
Extremely Likely
34. Do you receive information on community events?
If Yes, please chose how often. If no, please skip and answer the next question
35. Would you like to receive information on community events?
36. How would you like to be contacted for community events?
Check all that apply
37. E-mail Address:
Your answer
38. What would motivate or encourage you to become more involved with the Greek-Cypriot community?
Check all that apply
39. Any thoughts or suggestions to revive the Greek-Cypriot community?
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