Universal Restroom Sign Request
Please fill out the following form if you would like to request for a universal restroom sign to be installed in your building. Please fill out a new form for each building.
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Department Affiliation
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Please use only your UNM email address.
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Contact Phone
Please use only your UNM phone number.
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Building Number
Go to the following web address if you're not familiar with your building's number. https://iss.unm.edu/PCD/docs/UnmBuildingsNum.pdf
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Building Name
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On what floor is the single-occupancy restroom located?
If you have restrooms on multiple floors, please indicate as such.
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Room Number (if known)
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How Many Signs?
Will you require any accessible restroom signs?
These restroom signs have the ISA pictogram and designate that a restroom is accessible.
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