TooMuchWifi Installation Request
We want to get you TooMuchWifi, ASAP!

Please fill in the information below, and we'll contact you today! Alternatively please contact our customer service team via phone or WhatsApp: 064 854 6535.

How it works:
We will install a TooMuchWifi Hotspot that serves you (and likely) your immediate neighbors for free with any 100GB data purchase (for R1000).*

After that, just buy data as you need it! We have convenient monthly unlimited plans, or you can just buy vouchers. Find our pricing here:

That’s it, no contracts, no commitments from you. Just our commitments to you: that we will give you excellent customer support and fantastic Internet. If we fail, we will get gladly come and take our equipment back - but we really hope he never comes to that!

Here are the Steps:
1) Fill in your details here below + We'll contact you ASAP.
2) We visit your location to answer questions, make a technical assessment, take payment + schedule your installation.
3) We install our equipment within a week (sometimes as soon as the next day!)

At the bottom of this form are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) but you can always reach out to TooMuchWifi Customer support (064 854 6535‬) - if we can't answer your question then and there, we'll have a representative visit you at your home or office.

*For blocks of flats with multiple floors our team will work with you to get your neighbors to contribute, but we may require additional flats to purchase data.
What Community are you looking for an installation in? *
We're focusing on Cape Town for the next few months, but please let us know if you're in a location in Gauteng, KZN or any other urban Area, we'll be there (very) soon, and we want you to be the first to know!
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