Application for Space Use @ Cyprian’s Center
Cyprian’s ARC - a center for Arts, Resilience, and Community

2097 Turk Street (at Lyon) San Francisco, CA 94115.

We encourage community use of our building, and we appreciate your interest in renting space for your event. Please complete this form and return it to Cyprian’s Center by submitting the form online. For more information, please call the center's Director, Fr. Tom Jackson, at 415-567-1855 or send him an email to

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Cyprian's Center - NOPA's center for arts, resilience, & community
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You may either supply us with a "Certificate of Insurance" listing St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church as a co-insured for your events here or arrange to have your event co-sponsored by the church (which may create an additional expense).
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If yes, request a copy of FAQ for Serving Alcohol at Turk & Lyon. You will need to comply with all laws and regulations regarding liquor sale. You will also be responsible for having a valid license for sale of alcohol in our hands two weeks (14 days) before your event. You must have liability insurance and all applicable permits and hire our house manager if liquor will be sold.
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For more information about Cyprian’s and photos of our spaces:
• visit us on facebook at

What Performers Say About Cyprian’s:
"It sure does sound pretty in here." - Misner & Smith, March 8, 2014

“Totally natural and comfortable. A gorgeous room, a perfect singing room.”
• Caleb Klauder, Winner of Portland Music Awards Outstanding Achievement in Country Music (2008), Foghorn Stringband

“Good sound here. Good sound. Wow.”
• Ramblin Jack Elliott, January 18, 2012

“I love singing in churches.”
• Holcombe Waller, Portland singer/songwriter: Nov 19, 2011

“Thanks for taking such good care of us,”
• Pete Sibley of Ann and Pete Sibley, singers/songwriters, Feb. 10, 2012

General Conditions for Use and Facility Description
1. Our space offers excellent acoustics in the upper level performance hall with seating for 220, smaller rooms for meetings, and a community hall on the lower level with seating for 100 and seating plus standing for 200. A performance stage, kitchen, grand piano and upright piano are also available. Both levels may be available for one event.

2. Cyprian's Center is an initiative of St. Cyprian’s Church. Activities in the building should be consistent with St. Cyprian’s tradition of hospitality to all. We do not tolerate discrimination against any person based on age, race, ethnicity, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious identity, and physical or mental ability.

3. We require a space use agreement for all space use.

4. Renters should carry their own liability insurance. We require that St. Cyprian’s Church and the Diocese of California are listed as an Additional Insured on a Certificate of Liability. We will consider a waiver-of-liability arrangement on a case-by-case basis for those groups who do not carry their own insurance.

5. Although we welcome community organizations, we are unable to subsidize space use due to budget constraints. Rental fees are based on the number of hours of use, time of day requested, the rooms and equipment to be used, and the number of participants. We rely on you and your group to help make Cyprian’s a viable community resource.

6. At this time, only the entry to the downstairs and community hall is accessible by wheelchair. The facilities overall are not ADA-approved. We are seeking funds to improve the accessibility of the building. Please contact us with any questions regarding access to the facility.

7. Food may be prepared on site. Beverages are permitted. Sale of alcoholic beverages may be allowed at Cyprian’s discretion and if the applicant obtains a permit from the state department of Alcoholic Beverages Control, has liability insurance, and hires our house manager.

8. All performances must conclude by 10 pm and the building must be cleaned and cleared by midnight.

Updated: 8/29/2017

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