eCommerce integration spec sheet
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What ERP/Accounting system are you using?
Are you looking to integrate with an existing online store? If yes, what platform are you making use of?
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Is your store B2B or B2C or Both (Business to business, or Business to  Consumer) for pricing and account-customer purchasing
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Do you have an SDK installed and registered in order to communicate with 3rd party applications? If the answer is "no", please ensure that you have one installed before signing up for the eCommerce service.
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Do you require stock/pricing to pull from one warehouse or multiple warehouses?
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If you answered "Yes" to the above, how many warehouses need to be synced to upload stock & pricing?
If B2B/Trade store setup is required, what kind of pricing structure do you have in your ERP?
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If "Customer pricing matrix discounts" selected, please indicate which of the following apply. Note - these pricing options are only available for Sage Evolution/Sage100/200 and Sage 300 customers.
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If you are using a combination of any of the above pricing methods/structures in your ERP, please put as much detail below:
Do you have any post-sales fulfillment requirements like courier integration or workflow processes? If yes, please elaborate:
Do you intend to have sales rep functionality on your store?
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Do you intend to use product merchandising data from your ERP system (think images, product categories or attributes like "Brand" or similar). If so, please specify data that needs to pull through from ERP.
Are restricted products/product categories required for different customer groups?
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Do orders placed online need to be generated in your ERP system automatically?
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Are there any special fields or user generated content that needs to pull through at the point of checkout? If yes, please describe in more detail (think Purchase Order number etc.)
How many active users are there on your ERP system?
How many orders are processed per month ERP
Are there any features/requirements not allured to above that you require? If so, please elaborate:
How many SKU items need to be synced to store from ERP system? *
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