Transfer Student Questionnaire
*This form is for students transferring to EMS during the school year.

Welcome to Evergreen Middle School! We’d love to get to know you better and help your transition to EMS go as smoothly as possible. Please fill out this form so that we can help make that happen.

What is your name? *
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Grade *
What is the name of your last school? *
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Did you move here from another city/state? *
If yes, where did you live before?
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Have you ever moved to a new school before (besides from elementary to middle school)? *
If so, when did you switch schools (what grades) and where did you move from/to?
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Who do you live with? If you have siblings, how many and how old are they? *
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What are your interests and hobbies? *
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What kind of student are you? Which of these describes you the best? *
Are there classes/subjects that you really like or don’t like?
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Tech Ed/Engineering
Foreign Language
What kind of clubs/activities are you interested in at EMS? *
How much do you know about each of these programs? *
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Used It a Lot
Google Classroom
Campus Portal
How do you feel about moving to EMS? *
I am really nervous and I wish I didn't have to switch schools
I am really excited about EMS and I can't wait to start
How would your friends and family describe you? *
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What else should your counselor know about you? How can I support your transition to EMS? *
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Are you okay with this information being shared with your teachers? *
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