PPE - Face-shield Requests
The Technology department at Ulidia Integrated College are happy to be in a position to be able to manufacture and provide wipeable 'Face-Shield' PPE that can be sterilised after use. This will be primarily for local health agency staff only.

We also have Mask-Extenders if required. This provide relief from face-shield that are looped around the users ears for prolonged periods of time.

Please Complete your details on this form to allow us to process your order as soon as is convenient.

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Thank you for your PPE request.
We will endeavour to meet your order as soon as possible.

Please note;

* completion of your order will depend on the demand for PPE and the availability of materials to allow us to fulfill your request.

* all 'Face-Shields' should be sterilised before and after use.

Thank you for your service at this difficult time.


J Farmer
Head of Technology & Design
Ulidia Integrated College
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