BV Track and Field STATE Championship Bio Questionnaire
Please fill out as much as you would like below. Some of the questions are fun and would give us all something to enjoy and show our current athletes as well as former ones. If you have an updated picture or one you would like us to put on your bio, please email to GO LYNX!
Email address *
Name (First, Last, Maiden)
Year and Event you were a state champion in
Was it a surprise that you won that year? Or any good stories about the state meet that year (in your event, on the team)?
Tell us about your head coach or event coach or coaches from that year or years.
How did you prepare for your event?
Did you do anything in the off-season to prepare you for track?
Did you feel any pressure leading up to the state meet or any time throughout the year?
Did you have any routines before you competed (day of and even in the days leading up to a competition). Did you follow a special diet, wear certain clothes, superstitions, do a specific warm up, etc.?
What is your favorite memory or memories from your track years?
"If you could give one piece of advice to future and current BVHS track athletes, what would it be?"
Did you have a favorite meet? What was it and why was it your favorite?
Where you part of any other state championships? If so, which sport and how did it compare?
Tell us about you now. The more the merrier.
Would you ever consider speaking at our awards banquet at the end of our track season leading up to our state meet? Towards the end of May?
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