2017 Team Tassy Run Across Haiti Application Form
The Run Across Haiti is an adventure run designed to show that Haiti is not a place to be afraid of or to be pitied and to raise funds for Team Tassy's work in accompanying the poor into good, dignified jobs.
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2017 Run Across Haiti Fundraising Agreement
By checking yes, I understand that once I am a registered 2017 Run Across Haiti runner, I will be responsible for the minimum Run Across Haiti fundraising requirement of $3,800, and that I will need to place a credit card on file during the registration process. My credit card will be charged for the remainder of the fundraising commitment if I am unable to reach my campaign commitment of $3,800. The fundraising amount includes all meals, lodging, Haitian staff support, activities and ground transportation, items that will contribute to Haiti's local economy. It does not include airfare to and from Haiti. Proceeds will be used to support our core services for our Haitian families.
Photo Requirement
Email the most adventurous photo of yourself and a portrait style to support@teamtassy.org with subject line: "2017 RAH application photo" and your first and last name. Serious adventure face required.
Accepting Applications - October 26, 2016 - November 14, 2016
All runners will be notified by November 23rd of their acceptance.

2017 Run Across Haiti Dates:
Travel Day (2/17) – Arrive to Cap Haitien, Haiti
Day 1 (2/18) – Cap Haitien to Plaissance
Day 2 (2/19) – Plaissance to D’Ennery
Day 3 (2/20) – D’Ennery to Gonaives
Day 4 (2/21) – Gonaives to Saint Marc
Day 5 (2/22) – Saint Marc to Guilbert
Day 6 (2/23) – REST DAY
Day 7 (2/24) – Guilbert to Port-au-Prince
Day 8 (2/25) – Port-au-Prince to Jacmel (FINISH LINE!)
Travel Day (2/26) – Departure from Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Save the dates above. Please wait for next steps from our team.

Prepare yourself for the adventure ahead by checking out our Run Across Haiti documentary, Further, produced by The North Face.
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