Volunteer Mentor-Tutor Volunteer Application
Raise 'Em Up Mentoring is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization aiming to support under-served adolescence through various forms of mentoring, educating, enrichment activities and programming.

​What do our volunteers do?

- Serve as a positive role model for the youth
- Provide academic assistance
- Build relationships through activities, outings, and in school interactions
- Help build/develop self-esteem, self-identity, self-love, and work ethic
- Respect all participants and holds self accountability
- Motivate mentees and fellow mentors
- Establish goals and work with the mentee to set and accomplish them
- Enjoy themselves while connecting with other mentors


- Be interested in working with young people
- Be willing to adhere to all program policies and procedures
- Be willing to complete the application and screening process
- Pass background check
- Be dependable and willing to commit your time
- Attend training sessions
- Attend programs
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