IADR 2019 Feedback Form
18th Annual Scientific Meeting, 30th March 2019

Please give your feedback regarding this Annual Scientific Meeting, based on the scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) below:-

The aim of this programme has been achieved:
To improve my knowledge in dental research
To foster network and share knowledge with fellow researchers
The session was presented in an interesting and effective manner:
Keynote I: Building partnership in community-based participatory research
Symposium I: Multidiscipline collaborative research:Sharing experiences
Keynote II: The role of medical anthropology in health research
Symposium II: Multidiscipline collaborative research:Sharing experiences
The programme provided me with useful knowledge in dental research:
Poster viewing
Oral presentation: 3-minute pitch
The organizing committee did a good job handling this programme
What l like most about this programme:
Your answer
My suggestion to improve future programme:
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