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INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS - Please check below to authorize that you understand the risks involved in participating in any of Autism Services & Resources CT (ASRC) Recreational/Social Activities.  You acknowledge that the activity and facilities they take place at may pose significant risk of injury to you/your child(ren).  You are aware that you/your child(ren) are responsible for your/their own safety.  You hereby grant for yourself/your child(ren), heirs, executors, or administrators, waive and release any and all claims for damage ever had or now have against Autisms Services & Resources CT, its successors and assigns, employees, agents, and representatives for any and all kinds of activities.  You understand that Autism services & Resources CT is not responsible for medical, hospital, emergency room or transportation expenses for any incidental illness or injury or you/your child(ren).  You also expressly agree that ASRC has the total discretion to determine if you/your child(ren) meet the criteria or otherwise qualify or to permit you/your child(ren) to participate in any group or program.  Finally, Autism Services & Resources CT has the total discretion to determine that you/your child(ren) should be removed from any group or program and ASRC's determination concerning such participation or removal shall be final and cannot be appealed. *
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