*Home/Community Gardener Survey For The 2020 Growing Season*
Please help us by completing these 22 questions.  Your help is greatly appreciated!!!
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AmpleHarvest.org is a nationwide non-profit that enables America's home and community gardeners to donate the excess garden produce to one of 9,000 nearby food pantries, soup kitchens and similar programs.

The information we gather from gardeners like you will be used to evaluate the impact local gardeners can have in their community.

Please answer the questions based upon your experience for last year (2020 growing season).

Please fill in this form now if at all possible.  We all know what happens to "tasks" that are put on the back burner :)

Any questions/issues can be sent to info@AmpleHarvest.org.

Thank you.
Gary Oppenheimer
AmpleHarvest.org Founder/Exec. Director

1. To the best of your recollection, how many years have you been gardening?  
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2. Which of these issues in America is of concern to you? *
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3. Did you know that gardeners can donate their surplus harvest to a local food pantry? *
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