Welcome to the Aphantasia Test ver. 1.0
The aim of this test is to objectively measure the presence of aphantasia within a persons thought life. This test will not have definitive results at the end, but what I will do is collect data from the the testers and get in touch with you with results. A future version is planned that will be able to communicate your results right after taking the test.

This test should take you about 20 minutes.
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Have you received / obtained a pair of red/blue 3D glasses? *
On a scale of 1-10, how vivid would you say your mind's eye sees images in your thoughts? *
Not percievable.
Extremely vivid and detailed.
•Study the following pictures thoroughly.
•Note as many points of interest on each picture as you possibly can.
•Also take note of the title of the image.
•Click done button when you have studied all the pictures in-depth.
"Girl with the Camera"
"The Cat"
"The Crystal Ball"
"The House"
"The Monk Boy"
"The No Rules Card"
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