Asia Kombucha Brew-Off Registration Form
1) Non-commercial, homebrew kombucha makers only. Entrants cannot use brewery equipment, or other means provided by professional brewers or breweries. Entrants flouting this rule will be disqualified and barred from subsequent competitions.
2) Each entrant is limited to ONLY one entry (put your best one please!)
3) Each entry must be 2 bottles of kombucha with a fill of 330ml each, without any form of bottle labeling, marking or stickers.
4) All forms of bottling welcomed, as long as it is the way you wish to present it. However, the judging is only for the kombucha contents.
5) Submissions must be within acceptable pH range of 2.5 to 6 at bottle opening; and submitted UNPASTEURISED.
6) List of ingredients need to be included in entry. However to ensure proprietary and fairness, participants need not write down percentage or quantity in the submission.
7) All kombucha scoby types are welcomed, including jun and Tibetan.
8) Judges' decisions are final.
9) While the kombucha will be stored in coldroom after submission, the organiser and judges are not responsible for the degradation of kombucha and breakage of bottles due to carbonation.
10) The number of entries is capped at 100 on a first come first served basis. The organiser reserves the right to reject entries which do not meet the criteria.

By submitting this entry, I agree to the above rules and regulations and will pay the $8 entry fee. All bottle submissions must arrive between 5th May 2018 to 12th May 2018 (last submission 12noon).

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