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VWB/VSF seeks to incorporate respect for, and promotion of basic human rights into all of its programming. At the heart of VWB/VSF’s efforts to impact poverty through a One Health approach is its engagement with marginalised communities, and vulnerable adults and children. Vulnerable adults and children are particularly at risk of sexual exploitation and abuse.

VWB/VSF has zero tolerance for Sexual Misconduct of any kind among VWB/VSF Employees and Related Personnel. In the promotion of a working environment free of harassment and abuse, VWB/VSF has committed to fight abuse and to reinforce mechanisms and procedures to prevent and address it. This includes enhancing grievance channels (through this portal) at all levels of the organisation, and supporting victims and whistleblowers.

In order for VWB/VSF to assess and mitigate minor or serious incidents in countries of assignment and in Canada, volunteers, employees, project partners and beneficiaries are encouraged to complete the form below. Incidents may include (but are not limited to) sexual harassment, abuse, volunteer/staff misconduct, vehicle accidents, physical injuries, theft, etc. While the form can be filled out anonymously it is strongly encouraged that you provide an email address or phone number to expedite verification and support further investigation. When filing a report, please include as much detail as possible. All information provided with be treated with confidence.

Please note that this form is not set to collect identifying information, unless you choose to include it in the email or phone number fields below.

You are also welcome to submit your incident report via postal mail, addressed to:

VWB/VSF Canada
420 – 700 Industrial Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1G 0Y9

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