SWES School Counseling Needs Assessment (Staff)
This survey is designed to obtain your input concerning the school counseling program so that we may better meet the needs of our students. Please feel free to add comments and ideas that you feel would enhance the Southwest Elementary school counseling program. We appreciate your time and ideas!
What is your position?
To what degree is our school in need of services to address the following:
0-Not Currently Needed
4-Highly Needed
I don't know.
Suicide Prevention
Mental Health
Friendship and Social Skills
Test Taking Tips
Stress and Anxiety Management
Impulse Control and Behavior
Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving
Respect and Diversity
Decision Making 
Self Esteem, Confidence, and Assertiveness
Grief and Loss
Anger Management
Personal Safety:  Sexual Abuse Prevention
Career Awareness and Goal Setting
School Success:  Organization and Study Skills
Other needs? Please indicate what other needs the school counseling program can address..
Your answer
How would classroom counseling lessons be most effective for your grade level?
What is usually the best way to schedule small groups?
Small group counseling is a series of counseling sessions for 4-8 students at a time.
Please list some strengths from the previous school year's school counseling program.
Your answer
Please list any weaknesses from the previous school year's school counseling program.
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Thank you for responding! Do you have anything else to add?
We're excited about working with you!
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