N8 CIR - Building a community of research software engineers across the N8
N8 CIR is aiming to build a community of RSEs across the N8, with the aim of exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge and maximising training opportunities. We would like to add a short bio for all RSEs in N8 institutions to the N8 CIR web page, this is partly so researchers can find RSEs, and partly so we get to know each other.

It would be great if you could fill out this form. Any questions please email the N8 CIR RSE theme leader at marion.weinzierl@durham.ac.uk

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Kirsty Pringle is an academic and domain specific research software engineer working at the Centre for Environmental Modelling and Computation at the University of Leeds. Her research involves writing computer models to represent the distribution of particulate matter air pollution across the globe. She is co-developer of the GLOMAP computer model and contributor to the UKCA model – a community model developed within the Met Office’s Unified Model used for weather prediction and climate research. She is interested in outreach and is currently leading a project that is enabling schoolchildren to use low-cost sensors attached to a Raspberry Pi to measure air pollution across Leeds and Bradford.

Kirsty is familiar with Python, FORTRAN, IDL and version control; she is also a Software Carpentries instructor. She has worked on a range of projects including developing visualisation tools for complex environmental data, and a standard testing suite for output from a diverse range of computer models.

Kirsty is the Research Software Engineering Theme Lead for the N8 CIR, a centre of excellence in computationally intensive research being developed across the N8.
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