Project submission form for Dunedin UDB
We encourage you to answer these questions in your own document and then copy and paste so you: take time to answer properly before submitting, and can retain a copy of your submission for your files.
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Expected duration *
this could be ongoing OR a number of days or weeks
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Concept summary *
Please describe what you will be presenting. If appropriate provide preliminary sketches/ plans/images to
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Vacant space *
Briefly explain why you want to site your project in a vacant space
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Criteria *
How does your project meet the Urban Dream Brokerage Criteria? ( Please ensure you have read these fully at
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Gig City Criteria
If you are applying for the Gig City commission, how does your project meet the criteria? ( Please ensure you have read these fully at
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Audience *
Who are you targeting this work at and why?
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Success *
How will you know if this project is a success?
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Professional experience *
Have you undertaken anything like this before and, if so, what? Please provide links to relevant information about yourself or your organisation, and short professional profiles of key participants.
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Mana whenua
UDB is committed to ensuring more visibility for and collaboration with mana whenua. As is relevant please provide information on how your project meets this aim
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Diversity *
Please tick which of the following categories your project fits
Preferable site size and type of location *
describe ideal square metreage and how you imagine the project in your ideal location
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Urban Innovation *
Please consider and describe what makes your project different from others. We are not interested in projects or businesses that interact with the public in the same way as others in the city.
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Public accessibility *
Please consider and describe how your project will engage with the public in fresh ways.
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Timeframe *
When are you hoping to make this project happen?
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Income *
What income, if any, do you intend to generate in this project and how will you cover any shortfall?
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Costs *
Have you made an assessment of the costs incurred in the project? Please summarise. (Please note that in most instances you will be required to pay for utilities, and a 'key rent' of $10 per week will be payable at the end of the project.)
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UDB Fee *
Please indicate which contributory fee most appropriately applies to you.
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