BUS CAPTAIN SIGN-UP - Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice 2018 - San Francisco
Due to the complicated logistics of such a big event - we want to make sure charter buses coming to SF on Sept 8th are coordinated closely, and ensure that all have appropriate drop-off & pick-up locations as well as parking. In addition - we want to help make sure all buses are full - connecting interested passengers with interested Bus Captains, and vice-versa - and that all bus passengers have all the information they need to participate fully in the mobilization. We plan on setting up a Google Group for Bus Captains to alert people about new information and have periodic calls.
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We have some limited funding available to subsidize bus costs - with a goal of ensuring that frontline, people-of-color, and low-income communities can fully participate in Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice. Do you need support financially to organize your bus? *
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