Please note that all prices listed in the call are for individual courses, and that acceptance into one course does not grant access to all of the courses. Be sure to select all of the courses you wish to enroll in. Please also note that if you enroll in more than one course you will receive 50% off of the total cost of the total price for your courses. If you wish to apply for a scholarship make sure to check the box at the bottom of the form. If you check the box and submit the form you will be directed to the scholarship section. Unfortunately, we cannot offer financial assistance if you do not fill out this section: All applications, regardless of whether you are applying for a scholarship, must be submitted no later than March 15, and applicants will be informed of their status by March 30th, 2022. Acceptance will be based on a combination of: academic achievement, relation to the relevant fields, and motivation for enrollment. Applicants do not necessarily need to have the formal level of education that is equivalent to second and third cycle university study programs; in case they do not, the motivation letter and the short bio, which can be filled out in this form, should suffice to assess their ability to follow the course.
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Deadline for applications
The deadline for submitting applications for the Intensive Study Courses for the Spring Semester (2022) is March 15th, 2022
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